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Ticketor Introduces White-Label Platform And Reseller Package for Event Ticketing & Box-Office


Aug. 7th 2022 – Los Angeles - CA

Ticketor, the white-label event ticketing and box-office system, has announced the release of their “White-Label Event Ticketing and Box-Office Platform” or “Reseller Plan”.
Ticketor has been servicing the events and ticketing industry with their white-label ticketing and box-office system since 2006 for industries such as venues, live theater, festivals, sports, concerts, conferences, schools and more. The system is known for being very featureful, flexible and easy to learn and use as well as very cost effective.
Now, Ticketor has opened up a new white-label reseller plan that allows resellers to create their own ticketing system and offer all the features of Ticketor to their clients using their own brand, pricing, packages and added-value services. The platform requires minimum work and support from the reseller as the sign up and setting up the client websites are all done in a self-service manner with plenty of documentations and tutorials that make it very easy for the client. The billing is also all done in an automated manner with minimal or no effort. 

“The platform owner just sets up their plans, advertises their service and collects the money in their bank account! We have a video on our blog that explains it all.” claims Ticketor. “Ticketor’s white-label platform opens the door for those interested in entering the ticketing industry to set up a fully branded, functional and feature-full online event ticketing system and box-office in a matter of minutes and offer ticketing service, either self-service or full-service, to their clients.”   

The reseller, platform owner, will get a dashboard and website where they can customize, design, define their plans, pricing and package and manage their clients. 
Potential clients will sign up on the reseller website and get their ticketing website with a dashboard and instructions to customize the portal and set up their events, season passes, bundles, merchandise, gift cards and more. Ticketor box-office system is also a website builder with great features that makes it a one-stop-shop for event organizers and venues who do not have a website or an IT team to manage their site.

“The platform owner creates one or more packages and pricing that may include a setup fee, monthly or annual fee and per-transaction fee. They can also set what features are included in the plan or may be available as an add-on at extra cost. Their potential client signs up on their site and selects a package that best matches their needs. Then the client is taken to their own box-office and ticketing site where they can customize and set up their events and sell tickets with full control and no manual work on the platform owner’s side. The system will track the clients usage and bills them according to the package and the platform owner will collect the billing money in their bank account.”, explains Ticketor.
It makes it a perfect solution not only for general ticketing but also for franchises like sport leagues or school districts who want to offer a unified consistent ticketing experience to all their patrons but at the same time want to offer independence to each branch to manage and control their own events and ticketing.