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Ticketor: Your Friendly All-in-One Ticketing and Business Solution





Ticketor is an integrated platform for online ticketing and box-office, designed to handle every aspect of your online business with over 15 years of experience.

If you’re on the hunt for an integrated platform that makes your life easier and your customers happier, then you’re in the right place. Meet Ticketor, your new best friend in the world of online ticketing and box-office management, boasting over 15 years of experience.


You might know Ticketor as a feature-packed event ticketing and box-office system that won’t break the bank, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a comprehensive solution that can handle every aspect of your online business, from managing your online presence to marketing, customer relations, donation collection, gift cards, gift shops, concessions, restaurants, bars, reputation management, reviews, and beyond, all in one fully integrated package.


One of the best things about Ticketor is how user-friendly it is. Unlike many other systems that require a tech whiz to set up, Ticketor can be up and running in minutes, even for the average person. We’re all about self-service, offering plenty of step-by-step instructions, tutorial videos, and walkthroughs to ensure that you and your staff can smoothly navigate the onboarding process and day-to-day operations.


Whether you’re running a theater, concert hall, arena, stadium, or organizing events in various venues worldwide, or even if you’re just planning a one-time event in a ballroom or theater, Ticketor is the only tool you’ll need. Its extensive feature set makes it compatible with any event type, and you’ll rarely hear a “No” for a feature or request from Ticketor.


Why is Ticketor so accommodating, you ask? It’s because it’s created in-house by Ticketor’s dedicated engineers right here in the United States. This means high-quality code, excellent maintenance, and seamless integration between all parts of the system. Engineers work directly with clients to understand their needs, resulting in a ticketing system that can tackle almost any type of event.

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Apart from standard features like e-tickets with QR codes and barcode scanning using any phone, Ticketor offers advanced features like a state-of-the-art seating chart designer, coupon and promotion code system, season passes, packages, gift cards, price levels, self-service upgrades, and more. These features are designed to minimize your customer support and daily effort, allowing you to focus on delivering fantastic events.


When it comes to support, Ticketor doesn’t cut corners. You won’t be sent to a generic call center or an offshore support team who barely know the product. Ticketor assigns you a dedicated support engineer who is intimately familiar with your organization and will be your go-to person for any questions or concerns.


But that’s not all! A good marketing system is crucial, and Ticketor understands that. While many ticketing systems skimp on marketing capabilities, Ticketor comes with a built-in, fully integrated newsletter system and SMS marketing tools. You can target your audience, use templates, and track open and click rates. Ticketor also offers powerful affiliate marketing, making it easy to reward buyers who help you sell more tickets through word-of-mouth.


And let’s not forget about SEO features that ensure your event shows up quickly and prominently on search engines. You can grow your brand with Ticketor, as it offers a fully white-label solution. All pages, tickets, confirmation emails, and buyers’ credit card statements showcase your branding, and everything is hosted on your own domain.


So, if you’re looking for a friendly and feature-rich solution to supercharge your ticketing and online business, look no further than Ticketor. With over 15 years of experience and a commitment to making your life easier, Ticketor is here to help you succeed. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to the friendliest ticketing and business management solution in town!