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Ticketor Adds French to Their Supported Languages for Event Ticketing & Box-Office 


Feb. 13th 2023 – Los Angeles - CA

Ticketor, the white-label event ticketing and box-office system, has announced the addition of the French language to its already supported languages including English and Spanish.

It means that the event organizers and box-office administrators can add French as a language to their Ticketor-based box-office and the buyer can choose the language.

It makes Ticketor a great fit for French speaking countries such as Canada, France and  French communities all around the world.

Existing clients who use Ticketor, can simply add the language to their box-office supported language from their site settings page or they can make French, their default site language.

Ticketor has been servicing the events and ticketing industry with their white-label ticketing and box-office system since 2006 for industries such as venues, live theater, festivals, sports, concerts, conferences, cinemas, schools and more. The system is known for being very featureful, flexible and easy to learn and use as well as very cost effective.

The language is also added to all white-label Ticketor resellers, who use Ticketor to offer event ticketing system under their own name and brand.