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The 5 Crucial Phases of Successful School Event Planning


School events are perfect times to showcase kids’ talents. Parents rejoice watching their little bundles of joy singing, dancing, playing, and performing activities they learned in the school they chose for their kids. Since there are kids, parents, and grandparents involved, managing delegations and maintaining discipline becomes a challenge for most. However, planning for a successful school event takes a lot of creativity and attention to detail. The school event management process from start to finish involves five crucial phases that we will discuss below.


1. Event Conceptualization


While conceptualizing the school event, it is critical to determine these pointers:


  • Purpose of the Event: Planning for a school event may have varied purposes, whether to showcase talent, raise funds, or host an award ceremony. Some schools also organize annual functions, sports events, science fairs, or art exhibitions. Whatever the event’s purpose is, it is essential to define it clearly from the very beginning.
  • Event Attendees: Another vital pointer to determine while planning a school event is the attendees coming to the function. Consider whether the guests will be the students only, their parents also, or any random individual who buys tickets to the event. Some VIP guests may also attend the event, who may require special seats and arrangements. An event ticketing program like Ticketor can help create tiered event tickets, which guests can choose according to their requirements, preferences, and budget. Dictating the type of guests helps plan the event accordingly with the appropriate level of creativity and attention to detail.
  • Timing of the Event: A school event turns into a success when planned on a weekend. This is the time when most kids’ parents are free to attend the event. Otherwise, they have to leave the office that not everyone can do conveniently. If it is a recurring event that the school organizes every year or at regular intervals, event management programs help them create event schedules so that they do not need to plan the event from scratch every time.
  • The Event Venue: Most schools have auditoriums, playgrounds, and halls they can organize their school events. However, if a large number of guests are expected, they may need to book a separate venue. The school event planning team needs to select a venue that is convenient for the guests to access. Ideally, it should be located near the school itself. By doing this, the students who can reach their school conveniently every day can also reach the event venue with minimal effort. Check the venue’s availability on the event date and book accordingly.


These are some concepts that event planners need to organize while planning a successful school event.


2. Event Coordination


After conceptualization comes the planning and coordination phase. It includes activities like theme development, timeline selection, reserving the venue, booking caterer, budgeting, arranging speakers, selecting facilities and equipment, transportation, ticket distribution, and so on. The phase gives attention to each and every detail of the event to make it a success. A feature-rich event ticketing platform like Ticketor has a customized seating chart designer. It enables event planners to design their seating arrangement in any layout suitable to the event, be it amphitheater-style, restaurant-style, night club style, or a combination of multiple formats.


3. Event Ticketing


Designing and distributing tickets is one of the most complicated and time-consuming processes during school event planning. It involves several tasks such as creating the tickets with the school brand name and logo, making them available online and offline, marketing them at the right places, collecting ticket booking payments, and validating them at the event gate. 


An event ticketing software program like Ticketor helps an event planner do all that and much more. Since no third parties are involved, the event planner gets the ticket sale price directly in their bank account. With social media integration, it allows guests to share it on their social media pages and also book their tickets from Facebook page. It supports multiple payment methods in various currencies without any conversion rates. Therefore, the ticketing process is streamlined to a great extent with a reputed event ticketing program.


4. Regulation and Culmination


Once the planners conceptualize the event details, make the required bookings, and put tickets up for sale, it’s time to implement control measures for the actual plan. One of the most significant control measures is the budget. Depending upon the event concepts, the school event planning team needs to assign a budget and stay within it to deliver on time. They also need to deal with regulations for suppliers, vendors, and conflict resolutions.


When everything is in place, the time comes to coordinate the event on the assigned date itself. One of the most challenging situations is managing guests. When hundreds of guests arrive at the event gate at the same time, managing their entry, directing them to their seats, and keeping them disciplined becomes a real challenge. Many people would want to go back to their car and come back again within minutes. How can the event staff manage such situations? Not manually, obviously. They would need the help of an event ticketing program to manage event entries, re-entries, and ticket validations. All these support systems define the guest experience and make it memorable.


5. Reporting and Future Event Planning


After the event is complete and the guests approve the outcome, some after-event activities are equally important to highlight its process. This includes the review, evaluation, reporting, rewards, recognition, and formal termination of the suppliers and vendors. Based on the sales reports, financial reports, audit reports, and admission report that the event management program provides with many configurations and filters, the school event planning team may improve their processes for future events. All the reports are real-time, live, and MS Excel exportable at Ticketor.


Use a feature-rich event management program like Ticketor for the best event planning experience and quality output. With all the unique features and functionalities of the program, the school team and event attendees get the greatest pleasure they could never imagine!