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Ticketor blog about features in a reliable ticketing system


The Top Things to Look for in a Reliable Ticketing Software


Businesses spend a considerable amount of money every year on various software solutions. Indeed, there isn’t a single business that can’t profit from one or more software solutions accessible today. For instance, in 2020 alone, global IT spending was estimated to exceed $3.9 trillion, which is several percentage points higher than the previous year.


When we talk about businesses involved in events management, they highly depend on ticketing software programs to sell tickets swiftly. Without reliable ticketing software, they would have spent a significant amount of time doing manual jobs. If you’ve ever tried to manage registrations through spreadsheets, you know how exhausting and time-consuming it can be.


Undoubtedly, reliable ticketing software is at the heart of any well-managed customer service system. It is frequently a top priority for both small and large organizations. While some solutions are better suited for massive enterprises, others suffice the requirements of small-scale businesses.


Ticketor is an online ticketing and box office software that is suitable for venues, theaters, comedy clubs, and arenas of all sizes. It is a feature-rich, low-cost, low-setup ticketing software that can make your ticketing process much easier and faster than otherwise.


In order to ensure that you acquire the finest ticketing software for your requirements, here is a user-friendly guide that will take you through some of the most important things you must look for before making your final decision.


1. Fast Setup


The ticketing software you choose should be fast to set up so that you can customize the seating arrangement quickly and start selling tickets almost instantly. While you are busy making other necessary arrangements for the event, you would not want to spend much time on tickets.

At Ticketor, you can sign up within a minute, follow the on-screen instructions and tutorial, and start selling event tickets in real-time.


2. Integrated Seating Chart Designer


Whether you have arranged your event seats in a round-table, restaurant, amphitheater, or nightclub-style, or even a combination of two or more, an integrated seating chart designer allows you to display tickets and sell them accordingly. You can assign different rates for different levels so that buyers can use the interactive seating chart, which allows buyers to select seats according to their preferences and budget. With the customization feature, you can even plan tickets according to the social distancing norms while keeping distance between seats.


3. Payment Processing in Real-Time


As buyers buy your event tickets, the money should get directly transferred to your bank account, payment processor, or PayPal. With such a feature, you receive the cost of the tickets even before the event starts. This helps you to manage the event more freely without any financial crunch. When buyers pay for tickets, they pay directly to you rather than to a third party. Such a feature also saves you from paying middlemen charges unnecessarily.


4. Different Modes of Selling Tickets


Apart from selling tickets online through the website, the ticketing software program you choose should allow you to sell through multiple platforms. If you are selling offline tickets for an event, you can accept payments in your preferred mode of payment, including cash, debit card, credit card, or check. Ticketor is one software that is compatible with different credit card readers and barcode scanners. You may also accept payments via local methods like iDEAL, Venmo, Sofort, and Bancontact. You can set up multiple ticket counters and update sold-out seats in real-time. You may also sell tickets over the phone and accept payments through credit cards.


5. Compatibility with Printers


Once you sell the tickets, you need to give a hard copy to your buyers. Therefore, the ticketing software program you choose should be compatible with printers as well. Ticketor is compatible with thermal ticket printers, making ticket distribution easier and faster for your business.


6. Multi-Currency Support


Suppose you are hosting an international-level event. How would you sell tickets to foreign clients who use a currency other than the US? Ticketor is the best way to sell tickets in multiple currencies. With this amazing ticketing software, you can accept payments in different currencies, including USD, EURO, CAD, AUD, and GBP.


7. Responsive Design


A large percentage of people use the internet on their mobile phones. Therefore, you must find a way to serve clients who want to buy your event tickets while on the go. That being said, Ticketor turns your website into a mobile-friendly platform, where your buyers can purchase tickets through their mobile phone without the need to install any additional application.


These are some of the most sought-after features you must look for in reliable ticketing software. Apart from these, here are a few other features that can make your event management seamlessly straightforward.

  • Powerful scheduler to create packages for recurring events
  • Clock-in / clock-out functionality to control the cash registers balance
  • Send invoices to buyers, giving them an easy route to pay
  • Create private events password-protected for buyers
  • Limit the number of tickets per user
  • Set your own return and exchange policy
  • QR-code on tickets to allow entries
  • Gate control that supports ‘exit for re-entry’
  • Ticket designing with your brand name and logo
  • Social media integration
  • Registration form to ask meal preferences, age, and other questions from buyers
  • Add donation option at the checkout
  • Create coupons and promo codes to offer a special advantage to the buyers
  • Receive downloadable reports including sales reports, financial reports, audit reports, and admission reports in real-time.


These Features Make a Trustworthy Ticketing Software That Makes a Significant Difference


These are the top things to consider while selecting reliable ticketing software. Given the stakes, you should never be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. You can be confident that if you find the correct solution for your company, your guests will have a better experience, and your ticket sales will increase.


Do you need expert help with your upcoming events? You can rely upon Ticketor that offers all the features mentioned above and much more. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.