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Ticketor Introduces New “Share & Earn” Marketing Tool also known as “Word-of-the-Mouth marketing” 


Sep. 19th 2022 – Los Angeles - CA

Ticketor, the white-label event ticketing and box-office system, often known for their extensive feature-set and low fees, has recently introduced several marketing and advertising tools that are unique and risk-free by nature.
In their most recent announcement, Ticketor introduced the “Share and Earn” marketing tool.
The tool is a brilliant marketing tool that has the potential to increase the events sales by 30% or more at no extra work or effort on the event organizer’s side and no risk. 
The concept is easy. If an individual is interested in an event and has purchased tickets to it, most likely they know friends and family members who may also be interested in the event or they can influence them into buying tickets.
What makes them go the extra way to share the event or encourage their connections into participate in the event? A small commission is the key.
“A unique, trackable link is generated for each buyer and the buyers are encouraged to share the link via social media, private text, messenger or WhatsApp. If somebody uses the link and makes a purchase, the system automatically credits the buyer’s (referrer’s) account with the commission and the user can use the credit in their future purchases.” 
The great thing is that it all happens in an automated manner and without the event organizer’s  involvement.
This feature is included for free in all Ticketor’s plans and can be set up in a few clicks.
This feature along with many other marketing features such as Ticketor’s own ad-network, free newsletter system, text (SMS) marketing, and extensive features around coupons, group ticketing and event bundling that are fully integrated in the system, makes Ticketor a one-stop shop for event organizers who need a reliable ticketing and marketing system. All these marketing tools are explained in an article titled Everything about Marketing, SEO and Advertising Your Events .


“Ticketor’s revenue structure is based on the amount of sale an event organizer makes. In other words, we don’t make money unless the event organizer make sales and money. As a result, it is Ticketor’s highest priority to provide event organizers with greatest SEO (search engine optimization), marketing and advertising tools to make sure you can sell out every event!”, says Ticketor.