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Private Ticketing Platform “Ticketor” Puts Brands at the Forefront


Organizing events in today’s digital landscape offers a plethora of options, with public ticketing platforms like Eventbrite, AXS, and TicketMaster dominating the scene. Yet, amidst these giants, a silent powerhouse often goes unnoticed – private ticketing platforms like Ticketor or Audienceview. While the big names boast widespread recognition, there’s a compelling case for private ticketing solutions.


One key reason to consider private platforms like Ticketor or Audienceview is the autonomy they provide over user data. Public ticketing systems often leverage customer information for marketing purposes and sometimes even share it with competitors. Ticketor, on the other hand, stands firm in safeguarding this data, ensuring that event organizers retain exclusive ownership. With Ticketor, attendees remain private, shielding them from unsolicited promotional emails about rival events.


Cost efficiency stands as another towering advantage. Platforms such as Eventbrite, AXS, and TicketMaster operate with higher fees, often concealed within complex pricing structures. Their ridiculous transaction fees and monthly charges can quickly eat into event profits. Ticketor has a transparent fee system with no hidden fees. When comparing Ticketor to Eventbrite’s fees, vendors choosing Ticketor save almost 20% of their hard-earned revenue.


Brand identity is crucial in the competitive event market. Public ticketing platforms prominently display their logos, diverting attention from the event organizer’s brand. Often, people immediately think of brands like AXS and TicketMaster to shop for event tickets. In contrast, Ticketor offers a fully branded experience, allowing organizers to showcase their own name, logo, and identity. The complete whitelabeling experience also includes a domain-which can be permanent for life-and a branded email address. Ticketor ensures a seamless, customized experience for ticket buyers, enhancing brand loyalty and recognition.


The permanency and advanced features of Ticketor further set it apart. Unlike public platforms geared towards single events, Ticketor accommodates long-term activities like season passes, memberships, gift cards, and recurring events. This flexibility and adaptability make it an ideal choice for organizers planning a diverse array of events over an extended period of time.


Support and customization are crucial for Ticketor users. With Ticketor, you get personalized help from dedicated support engineers, rather than time-consuming call centers. Ticketor also offers a plethora of customization tools. These tools let organizers personalize every part of event management, like tickets and marketing, to fit their specific needs.


While the public ticketing platforms have their merits, the advantages of using private platforms like Ticketor are undeniably superior. For event organizers seeking autonomy, cost savings, and a personalized brand experience, Ticketor stands tall as the beacon of choice in the realm of event ticketing platforms.