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Ticketor Blog about How to retain event attendees.


As A Concert Manager, How Do I Retain My Event Attendees?


As a concert manager, you must be running your events year after year. Exciting! This means that the last events went off with a bang, you received a great response from the attendees and had a great overall experience.


However, now that the past concert went out successfully and you want to retain the event attendees forever, these are a few strategies that can help the attendees stay excited about your concerts and ready to come again the next time.


  • Share the Best Moments of Past Events


It may seem obvious, but you should always remember to thank your attendees after the concert is over. Without their financial and emotional support, the event could not be a success. So, take time to thank them and show their gratitude and appreciation. 


Since a good event ticketing system would have the feature of social media integration, post the best moments of the past events with photographs and videos, showcasing the attendees, thanking them, and calling them for the upcoming events. This simple step will not only promote the event but also strengthen the memories they created at the past concerts.


  • Start Promoting Early


Even if you have not started planning for the upcoming concert, begin the work now to stay on top of the attendees’ minds. Start laying the foundation for attendees so that they can remember you, contact you if needed, and remain eager to come back. That is why it is critical to start the promotions sooner rather than later. If possible, keep the audience informed about the upcoming concerts even before the current one is over. Once the attendees leave the concert, it becomes extremely difficult to reach them. 


With the right coordination and planning, make announcements about the upcoming concerts. Announcing them at the right time will give the audience the required message so that they can stay interested and look forward to something. The fond memories they create at the past concerts will solidify their urge to come back once the tickets are put up for sale.


  • Sell Subscriptions and Memberships


Considering the great time the attendees had at your past events, they would want to relive those moments time and again. Therefore, it's worth it to offer them subscriptions and memberships. If they want to attend your concerts every time you organize them, they won't mind buying future tickets in advance at a discount. Event ticketing software like Ticketor allows concert managers to sell such memberships and keep attendees hooked.


  • Segment the Audience


Giving special discounts, VIP services, and gift hampers is a great way to thank your most loyal attendees. For instance, provide special services to attendees who have attended at least three concerts organized by your team. It's worth keeping some tickets reserved for such an audience in case they show up at the event at the last minute. You may also consider offering them VIP services at standard rates, like special seats, free parking, or dinner. Some event ticketing programs allow creating special promotion codes, which the audience can use to redeem their special offers.


Inform the audience about these coupons and offers using a mailing list, text, and Push notification marketing supported by your event ticketing platform.


  • Follow-Up After the Concerts


Once the concert is over, it is crucial to build a relationship with the audience and maintain it for a long. Therefore, a simple post-event feedback or survey form gives an idea of what the audience experienced at the concert and what you need to improve. Following up after the concert is always appreciated by the fans, and their word of mouth will bring more success compared to any other type of promotion.


  • Host Smaller Concerts at Regular Intervals


Depending on the size and style of the concerts you organize, hosting smaller concerts at regular intervals can be an excellent way to build anticipation and keep the audience interested. It helps you build a smaller community, thereby making connections with them and keeping the conversation going at all times. Keep posting pictures of these concerts to create hype and cause the audience to wait for more.


  • Stay Connected on Social Media


Along with emails, messages, and push notifications, social media is an excellent platform for connecting with the audience and staying relevant to the past attendees. Pick the right platform according to the concert type and advertise there. These are a few strategies to use social media to retain event attendees: 


  • Regularly share past concert stories on Instagram and what’s coming this time.
  • Do a Facebook Live to announce the ticket sales.
  • Host a Twitter chat to hear words from past attendees.
  • Connect with the past audience and ask them to share their experiences on social media so that everyone can see them.
  • Use Likes and Retweets to create organic shares.
  • Encourage the past attendees to share what they liked about the events.


  • Pick a Good Event Ticketing Program


Ticketing may seem to be a trivial part of concert management, but it needs to be robust to facilitate streamlined revenue generation. From event management and promotion to branding and seat chart design, the features of an event ticketing program should be at par with the industry standards. Some of the best features to look for include:


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Budget-friendly
  • Integrated Seat chart designer
  • Social media integration
  • Offline, online, and over-the-phone ticket sales
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Multiple payment methods 
  • Multiple currency support
  • Coupon and promo code generation


The key to retaining event attendees is to save them from overcrowded queues. An over-excited crowd waiting at the concert's entry is not a pleasant scene for anyone. A good ticketing system can streamline ticket booking and validation on mobile devices, along with data reporting to simplify operations.


Once a concert turns into a success, returning attendees can be tremendous assets over the subsequent events. Luckily, you have Ticketor to spread the word, create hype, and make ticketing operations as laid-back as possible for all the upcoming events.