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Ticketor Blog on How Ticketing Software Can Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Event


How Ticketing Software Can Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Event


Customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial elements of any business growth. These days, customers want to feel special rather than focusing on rates. Satisfied customers display your brand loyalty and stick around for longer, while unsatisfied customers tend to leave and reach your competitor. Event ticketing software can streamline your processes and enhance your client satisfaction rates if you are an event management company. Using a feature-rich, all-inclusive event ticketing program like Ticketor is a clever tactic that makes your ticketing straightforward and leaves a good impression on your customers.


Let us dig in and find out a few ways how ticketing software can boost customer satisfaction for your event management organization.


  • Multi-Channel Communication


When your customers have an issue, give them various communication channels to get connected. With an event ticketing program like Ticketor, your customers can contact you through multiple channels, including email, phone, fax, instant chat, and social media. This means you can be there for your customers whenever they need you.


  • Preferred Modes of Payment


Different customers prefer different modes of payment as per their convenience. Some individuals want to make their payment via credit card, while others prefer using a debit card. Some customers may also like to pay via net banking, PayPal, e-wallets, and other payment modes. Therefore, you can enhance customer satisfaction at your event by allowing ticket buyers to pay through their preferred method of payment.


  • Multi-Currency Support


If you are organizing an international event and you are going to receive visitors from around the world, you must choose an event ticketing platform where ticket buyers can buy tickets in their own currency. Most customers are comfortable using their own currency for making payments. Therefore, allowing your customers to make payments in their local currency would enhance their experience and satisfaction level.


  • Faster Ticket Booking


If you have ticketing software in place, ticket buyers do not need to stand in queues to book their tickets. They can even book their tickets online or over the phone from the comfort of their home. Since a large number of customers book tickets while on the go, a ticketing program with a responsive web design will make their booking experience more streamlined. 


  • Easier Entry at the Event


Your customers have their tickets in hand even before they reach the venue, thus saving time and hassle. When e-tickets generated by a ticketing program have barcodes and QR-codes on them, attendees can enter the event by quickly scanning their ticket through a smartphone or barcode scanner. Visitors are not even stamped, since the gate control app allows 'exit for re-entry.' Therefore, ease of entry at the event improves customer satisfaction and makes the experience stress-free for everyone.


  • Freedom of Choosing Seats


A good event ticketing program will allow the event organizers to create a customized seating chart in any style, including round-table, restaurant, cabaret, night club, amphitheater, or a combination. While booking tickets, the customer has a layout of seats available for booking on their screen. They are free to pick and book their favorite seats according to their preference and number of attendees, thereby enhancing their ticket booking experience.


  • Money Saving with Promo Codes and Coupons


Since creating flexible promo codes and coupons becomes more manageable with an event ticketing program, customers can save money while booking their tickets. Customers may buy gift cards for their friends and relatives, which further improves their experience. Season passes, memberships, and packages are available to save money and avoid buying tickets time and again. They may also avail package discounts, group discounts, time-based discounts, and individual discounts, thereby saving money and enhancing their customer satisfaction level.


  • Easy to Leave Feedback


Customers would love to appreciate your work when they are satisfied with your service. However, if they face any issue while dealing with your company, they would like to leave their feedback. They will be happy to know that you value their feedback and work on it to improve their experience. Event ticketing software allows customers to leave their feedback, whether positive or negative. Using their feedback, you can gain their trust and work towards improvement.


Pro Tip: When you improve your service based on your customer feedback, let them know by sending them an email or calling them directly. Implementing changes based on their needs will raise their satisfaction level and improve your brand reputation and loyalty.


  • Data-Driven Reports for Improved Service


When you have event ticketing software at your fingertips, you can improve your service to maintain top-notch customer satisfaction levels. With form strategy, customized plans, and data-driven decisions, you can constantly enhance the efforts of your customer support team. Event ticketing software delivers financial reports, audit reports, admission reports, and sales reports, based on which you can improve your processes and enhance your customer service level.


  • Responsive Design


You must choose a ticketing platform that has a responsive web design. Buyers may not have time and space to turn on their computers or laptops. Easy online processes like booking tickets can be done while on the go, such as while traveling or in the washroom. Therefore, having a responsive design for the event ticketing platform can improve their experience and make ticket booking much easier and faster than ever before.




Maintaining customer satisfaction is key to growing your business sustainably. Remember, acquiring new customers is much harder than retaining existing ones, and most of your revenue comes from them only. Therefore, focus on retaining your customers by keeping them happy. Using a feature-rich event ticket software program can leverage your ticketing processes and keep your customer satisfaction levels high.


Are you looking for the best ticketing software to fulfill your needs? Ticketor can be an all-in-one solution that can satisfy your customers. It will make your customers feel valued and let them book tickets as quickly as possible. It also helps you measure your performance, which you can use to improve your service and delight your customers.