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Ticketor blog about Making the most out of Christmas Parties


Making The Most Out Of Christmas Parties With Premium Event Ticketing


Christmas parties are cheerful and unforgettable. They are an excellent way to bring people together and share Christmas wishes. Party-lovers often prefer attending mass Christmas parties rather than spending the festival at home. Event management companies organizing such Christmas parties can use premium event ticketing software to make the most out of the party. It can help them streamline the ticket selling process, making things easier and faster for both the organizers and the guests. 


Hosting a Christmas party involves a lot of work, but using a ticketing system can help overcome the challenges and restructure the ticket selling process. By automating the entire system, it can help organizers focus on planning the event and attracting more people to attend. Let’s find out how to make the most out of Christmas parties with premium event ticketing programs like Ticketor.


  • Be Mobile-Friendly

Christmas is the holiday season, but most people remain busier during this time than on regular days. While traveling, shopping, and visiting guests, consumers expect a platform where they can book their tickets while on the go. Therefore, while organizing a Christmas party, ensure choosing a ticketing system with a mobile-friendly interface. The mobile tickets that the system creates should also have the feature to be scanned at the entrance. This will ensure an efficient and smooth process for the ticket handlers at the event and also deliver a better experience to the party guests. 


  • Create Varying Price Levels


Tiered price levels give attendees an option to buy their tickets according to their budget and seat preference. Take advantage of Ticketor’s custom seating charts, using which organizers can create a chart in any seating style according to their venue and space available, be it a restaurant, round-table, night-club, amphitheater, or a combination of different styles. 


Besides offering basic tickets for the Christmas party, organizers may also increase their revenue by offering VIP level tickets to guests willing to pay extra. Offer premium experience to the guests using these tickets, such as free dinner, free parking, separate seats from the crowd, etc. Buyers can choose their tickets according to their personal preferences.


  • Accept Multiple Modes of Payment


Consumers, these days, prefer paying online using their preferred mode of payment. It can be anything from debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, or any local payment method like Ideal, Venmo, Sofort, and Bancontact. With a touch-friendly POS page, event organizers can sell the party tickets not only at their ticket booths but also at their other retail locations in cash or check. Some ticketing systems also support over-the-phone ticket sales. Once the customer pays for the ticket using their credit card, send them tickets via email or put in a will-call booth.


Customers will also like it if they are given the option to buy tickets in multiple currencies, including USD, EURO, AUD, GBP, and CAD. If some guests are coming to the Christmas party from a foreign location, they may want to pre-book their tickets before arriving in their own currency.


  • Create Different Ticket Packages and Options


Use event ticketing software to sell gift cards and merchandise along with the tickets. While organizing a Christmas party, the event organizers may want to sell appropriate merchandise that guests can don or buy as a souvenir. Give them the option to buy this merchandise at the time of ticket booking itself. Also allow them to buy gift cards, which they can send to their friends and family and invite them to the party. Therefore, these cards will not only increase exposure but also attract more guests to the Christmas party. Don’t forget to design the tickets and gift cards with your brand logo to increase brand awareness and create hype for the upcoming party.


If it is going to be a private party, a party protected by password, or an event open for a particular group only, you may limit the tickets per user using an event ticketing program. Later, the event organizer may change the restrictions or privacy settings to make it public if required. Ticket variations can also be offered for early birds, adults, kids, families, couples, groups, and senior citizens.


  • Promote the Christmas Party on Social Media 


With the number of social media users increasing with easy passing days, choose event ticketing software with social media integration. Such a program allows event organizers to promote the upcoming Christmas party over social media while the potential guests are already for such an event online. 


By sharing and posting the party details on social media, you attract more people to notice the event. They may connect with the organizers to buy tickets directly from their social media page. Social media is the right platform to spread the word about the upcoming Christmas party and announce that tickets are available for sale. Social media integration also allows visitors and ticket bookers to share the event on their social media pages. With this, you tap their networks and extend your potential audience to their fans and followers.


  • Create FOMO


Create hype about the Christmas party and build FOMO among your potential audience. Post photos of people having fun at your previous Christmas parties and other events. Create hashtags on Instagram to start conversations and let people talk about your event. The Fear of Missing Out is something that encourages people to purchase your event tickets so that they do not miss something worth visiting. Since it is an annual party, they would never want to miss something worth it. Do not forget to add links redirecting to the ticket sales page for the Christmas party.


These are a few ways to make the most out of your Christmas parties with a premium event ticketing program. Ticketor is one such program that helps you create and sell tickets while making the process as smooth as possible for the event organizers and also the customers. Use Ticketor to make the entire ticketing process smooth, informative, easy, and efficient. Delivering effortless experiences to the users will help increase the transactions and make your Christmas party a huge success.