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Ticketor Blog about Event Ticketing Features to Streamline Your Concerts & Live Events


Event Ticketing Features to Streamline Your Concerts & Live Events


For concerts and live events, it is important to use an event ticketing program that can cover your online ticket sales, on-site sales, and marketing, all under the same hood. Earlier, event organizers had to deal with all these elements and bear the costs separately. But now, event ticketing software programs like Ticketor are a complete marketing and sales platforms that can handle all your online and offline ticket sales, payment processing, marketing, reporting, door scanning – all in one. Let’s look at a few ticketing features that can help streamline your concerts and live events.


- Features to Enhance User Experience


The ultimate goal of any event ticketing solution is to fulfill your customers' demands and enhance their experience. Consequently, how well the ticketing features help the users influence how successful the event becomes. So, what are the features to offer a superior ticketing experience to the users? Let’s take a look.




Speed is a vital factor that can enhance the user experience. Compared to on-site ticket booking, ticketing software allows faster ticket booking, thus saving time for the users.




Users often prefer booking their event tickets while on the go. Therefore, they like a platform that allows them to book from their smartphone. An event ticketing platform has a responsive screen, making ticketing easier for users of any screen size.


Choice of Seats:


Event ticketing platforms having custom seating chart designers enable event organizers to present seats in any layout of their choice, be it amphitheater, night club, restaurant, round-table, or a combination style. With such a layout, users can pick and book their preferred seats without any professional help.


Seat Variations:


Event tickets can be laid with different price levels and variations. There might be special discounts for early birds, last-minute entries, groups, couples, families, kids, adults, and senior citizens. Buyers looking for budget tickets can pick tickets in their category, while those looking for VIP tickets can make their choice accordingly.


- Features to Process Payments


The ultimate goal of ticketing software is to sell tickets and accept payments. Therefore, it must make payments easier and faster for both the customers and the event organizers. Some features that make payment processing streamlined are:


Direct Money Deposit:


Directly money deposit in the event organizer’s bank account saves the time and hassle of having a third party in the middle. An event ticketing program with no hold on the money paid by customers accelerates the entire payment process. 


Multiple Payment Methods:


The customers can pay for their tickets using any of their preferred payment methods, whether a credit card or PayPal. They can also use local payment methods to book their tickets, such as iDEAL, Sofort, Venmo, and Bancontact.


Multiple Currency Support:


While organizing an international level of the concert or live event, event organizers may attract more ticket buyers by providing them multiple currency support. Therefore, select an event ticketing platform that accepts payments in multiple currencies, including USD, AUD, EURO, CAD, and GBP.


Ticket Booth Sales:


Planning to sell tickets at the event ticket booths or retail locations? The touch-friendly POS page of the ticketing platform allows ticket sales in cash, check, debit card, or credit card. 


Face-to-Face Transactions:


While selling tickets at the event location, accept payments through cash, check, credit card, or debit card. Clock-in/ clock-out functionality smoothens accountability through the cash registers.


Purchase Beyond Tickets:


Event organizers might want to sell merchandise or gift cards or accept donations from the customers. An event ticketing program may allow customers to do much more than just book tickets on the platform.


- Features to Organize Entry at the Event


On the day and place of the event, an event ticketing program may streamline the processes and keep things organized. Features to organize entry at the event include:


Restricted Entry:


In case of a private concert or live event, the entries can be protected by passwords for every user. To avoid ticket sales in black, set a limit to the number of tickets sold per user. Don't worry; these settings can be changed anytime later.


Easy Ticket Scans:


All event tickets generated by the event ticketing program have a QR-code and barcode. Event management staff members can use their smartphone or a barcode scanner to scan guests’ tickets and admit entries.


Gate Control:


This feature supports 'exit for re-entry' so guests can be allowed to exit and re-enter without any stamp.


- Features to Boost Ticket Sales


Certain features help promote the event so that they can boost the ticket sales and make the concert and live event as successful as you want it to be. Some of them include:


Social Media Integration:


Social media plays a significant role in promoting any event and making it a success. With social media integration features, an event ticketing program can help post and share the event on social media platforms. From there, visitors can also share the event details on their social media pages, creating hype for your upcoming event. Not only this, but buyers may also log in to their social media account and buy tickets from your page.


Event Promotion:


Event promoters can upload flyers, photographs, and videos of the event to create hype. Some event ticketing programs also support the creation of animated banners and gallery pages to attract customers and book tickets. 


Free Mailing List:


With the free mailing list feature, event organizers can use templates to send emails to their mailing list members, creating awareness about the upcoming concert and live event. Some platforms also support SMS, MMS, and push notifications to market the event.


Streamline Concerts and Live Events Using These Event Ticketing Features


The event ticketing program has a significant impact on an event's success. Use Ticketor to deliver an enhanced user experience and automate ticket sales to make the most out of a concert or live event. Are you planning for an upcoming concert or live event? Ticketor can help you sell tickets and manage guests conveniently for a streamlined event. Contact us today to know how we can help you make your event run smoothly.