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Ticketor Blog on Using an Event Management Software to Host a Virtual School Event


Using an Event Management Software to Host a Virtual School Event


The current situation has dramatically changed the way people interact with each other. Due to the recent night curfews, lockdowns, and social distancing norms, limits are set to the number of people gathering at a place, be it a wedding, funeral, or school event. This is why it is crucial to look at the prospect of hosting events virtually. Although schools are still closed in many parts of the world, it’s essential to look for virtual ways to gather people and host school events. These include sending calls, messages, video calls, and other similar channels. 


Just like a regular school event, managing a virtual school event is also a complicated and time-consuming process. That being said, an event management program like Ticketor is an excellent way to host a virtual, full-fledged event with attendees joining online. They primarily support virtual events through video calling platforms, live streams, and pre-recorded video sessions through social media.


Deciding to Host a Virtual School Event


During the nationwide lockdown, schools had to face maximum challenges to continue operations. Over time, both students, teachers, and school management teams have adapted to the changed situation. They use virtual platforms to deliver online classes to the students and continue education as normally as possible. However, when we talk about school events, no one is sure about successfully managing a virtual school event. That being said, school event management software helps host a successful school event virtually.


Making a List of Guests


Similar to a regular school event, the school team needs to decide who will attend the virtual event. Whether it is meant for students only, their parents and relatives as well, or anyone who buys the event tickets? The list of confirmed attendees will help ensure the number of guests to be accommodated in the virtual event. One way is to get confirmation from the attendees and make the marketing strategy accordingly. With the proper lead generation over social media, the school can encourage parents to choose them for their children's education. 


For open house events, it's worth using an event management program to send confirmation emails and check registrations. This way, the school gets a complete list of attendees so that they can plan the event accordingly.


Planning the Event Flow


While planning for a school event, planning the event flow is crucial. What activities will occur at the event, and which ones can be left out? However, ensure that the activities included are capable of meeting the event’s goal completely. Whether the event aims to attract new students and parents, showcase students' talents, or raise funds, the activities included must fulfill the purpose successfully.


Usually, different types of sessions make up the flow of a virtual event. These include a pre-recorded virtual, a live virtual, and a combination of live and pre-recorded virtual. Once the list of activities and the list of attendees are ready, it’s time to employ a school event management software program. It is a feature-rich tool that helps organize and execute the event according to the plan.


Making Tickets Available for Sale


Ticketing is one of the most significant parts of organizing a school event. An event ticketing program like Ticketor helps choose a seating layout, set up tiered-level tickets, and sell tickets online. It supports multiple payment methods in different currencies to support offline and online ticket sales. The tickets have a barcode that authenticates permissions at a virtual event. Social media integration allows event organizers to promote the event online and sell tickets from the Facebook page.


Sending Out Invites


The event management team uses software to communicate with teachers, parents, and students. They send various notifications, emails, and newsletters regarding the events and keep everyone updated with its progress. Using the same feature, the school team may send virtual event invites, which include the event date, time, and code. It helps parents know when to join the event so that they can plan their schedules accordingly. Similarly, the event managers can send notifications to other school staff members as well.


Sharing the Event


Since social media integration allows users to share the event links with their acquaintances, people can revisit the event whenever they want. It helps them relive those moments and understand them better in case they missed some parts of the event. The school team can also view the event before another upcoming function to identify any plus or minus points. Event photographs and videos can be shared on the school’s social media page for the guests to see.


The event management program allows live-streaming of the events, which all students and parents can attend in real-time. These are similar to the online classes most schools host these days. The administrator may also send out copies of their event videos to guests who attended or could not attend the event.


Validating the Guests


Virtual events are somewhat different from regular school events. People may not get a chance to interact with each other or spend enough time after the event. So, it is essential to plan the event smartly. Ideally, it should not be longer than 30-45 minutes unless it is an in-person meeting for a limited number of people. Creating more live streams for interaction sessions would be a better step if possible. Many event management programs have login features, ensuring that only authorized people attend the virtual school event. Thus, it helps protect people's privacy participating in the event.


Gathering Reports


Once the event is over, it is crucial to gather the attendees’ feedback. Event management software delivers audit, sales, financial, and admission reports in real-time, which the school team may export to Excel. These reports are extremely helpful in identifying the weaknesses and working on them for improvement.


An event management program allows a school team to be as creative as they want with their virtual event. It provides various features and tools to do so. With a feature-rich school event ticketing program, the event managers can jump across different tasks in real-time. School teams planning to host a virtual school event can do so successfully with Ticketor and manage all its functions like professionals.