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Top 9 Most Essential Features to Look for in a Modern Event Management Software for Schools 

Events are the cornerstone of most school operations, from fundraisers and open days to sports events and art exhibitions. Events provide families with an opportunity to meet the school's authorities and staff members, get to know the community, and evaluate whether the school is a good fit for their kids. However, pulling off a successful event takes a great deal of effort and time. This is where a modern even management software like Ticketor enters. It is a one-stop solution for everything related to school events. It ensures the event planning is on the right path to success even before sending the invitations.


Read on to know more about this excellent event ticketing program and what features to look for in modern school event management software.


  • Single Platform to Manage Audiences


This is one of the most painful tasks for most school event planners. Since there are so many students in different classes and sections, it is pretty challenging to combine in-person and virtual elements for the event. As a result, it becomes easy to lose way while managing them separately.


Therefore, an omnichannel platform is critical to meeting different operational and technical expectations, ensuring attendees' engagement and a smooth experience. Therefore, the primary question to ask would be: is the event ticketing platform appropriate for global hybrid events?


  • Local Hardware Support 


Not all students and their parents are technically savvy. They may find it challenging to book tickets, make donations, and attend events online. The event management software should manage on-site monitoring and live streaming sessions for school events. When a potential attendee prefers having a hard copy rather than a soft copy, the software should give them the facility to book in-person tickets or print paper tickets.


The program should support different delivery methods, including digital e-tickets, print-at-home e-tickets, mail services, and will-call services. Depending on the attendees' requirements, offer a suitable method for event management and ticketing with the help of an event management program.


  • Branding


Children and their parents like to see their school’s name in the event, even on the tickets. Branding the event also increases its popularity and improves its reputation. Therefore, an event management software should support white-label branding on the school's website or domain with its logo, branding, and design. Some software programs have designer control panels that help design websites without web design or HTML knowledge. 


  • Customized Seating


A good event management software has a seating chart designer that school event planners can use to plan their seat layout. It should support seat arrangement in multiple formats, including a round-table, amphitheater, night club, or a combination. It must allow users to choose their seats on the seating chart depending on their preference and budget. Seats in different price levels should display in different colors so that users can select their seats quickly.


  • Multiple Payment Methods 


Different students and their parents may prefer using different methods of payment. Therefore, the ticketing program must accept payments from multiple cards and in varying currencies. Whether the customers use a MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Visa card, they should be able to book their tickets with ease. If some guests come from across the borders, the ticketing platform should also support payments in multiple currencies without any conversion needs.


  • Easy Check-In and Registration


With registration before the event, school event planners can get an idea about how many guests are coming to the event. This will help them plan the event accordingly and avoid chaos at the entry gates. Gathering data about the attendees' results in increased ticket sales and more repeat guests. However, the program should also allow new visitors to the event and register them in real-time.


  • Secure Ticketing


While booking tickets, the attendees should be able to make payments directly from the ticketing platform, making the entire process hassle-free, short, quick, and trustworthy. While the school event may invite different types of guests, the event management program should support multiple types of tickets for the same event. Indeed, sponsors, exhibitors, students, parents, and outside guests will have different ticket types. So, the program should offer diverse event experiences to the attendees, leaving room for VIP guests and private areas.


All pages should be on HTTPS or secured with SSL technology. Compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) ensures security while using the site or purchasing event tickets. 


  • Reports and Analytics


Collecting data about the event is incredibly valuable. It helps event planners understand what happened at their past events, according to which they can make improvements in future events. So, whether it is to measure ROI, calculate the attendance rate, or figure out which parts of the event engaged the most people, the importance of data is precious in school events. 


The event management program should provide key metrics, such as event statement, sales, delivery, audit, admission, etc.


  • Event Marketing Support


Event promoters need to track their sales, the source of their attendees, and the origin of their ticket sales. Accordingly, they can plan their marketing strategy for future events. Therefore, an event ticketing platform must create event links with traceable keywords. Whenever someone reaches the event page using those links, the ticketing program tracks that link and makes a report to identify the right keywords. 


If the attendees register and sign up to the school's mailing list, they start receiving emails and newsletters regularly. As a result, they receive information about any upcoming events in time so that they can book their tickets in advance. The event ticketing program should track those emails and see who has viewed them and clicked on the links provided. Some programs also offer email templates, making newsletters easier to make and distribute.


If a school event is upcoming, get in touch with Ticketor, and the experts will show how to create a perfect blend of on-site and virtual experiences for the attendees. As far as features are concerned, Ticketor offers all the expected features of a robust event management software. Overall, it is an affordable and solid option for efficient school event management.