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Best Features That Elevate Your Guest Experiences


Digitization has shaken up the world over the last few years – and that is a good thing for sure! Ever since smartphones entered the global market, people have quickly embraced digital alternatives to carry out their everyday tasks. Event ticketing is one of them. Now, when an individual wants to attend a festival, watch a movie, or join a concert, their e-ticket is at their fingertips with just a few taps on their screen. However, if you are an event planner, selling tickets online is not your sole purpose. You must look for an event ticketing program that supports functionalities beyond selling and booking tickets and collecting payments.


You need to select a feature-rich event ticketing software program to make your event a success with a higher level of guest satisfaction. Some event ticketing features that elevate your guest experiences have been mentioned here.


1. Seating Chart Designer


The event ticketing software you choose must have a powerful seating chart designer, with which you can create a seating chart in any style. Whether you are organizing your seats in an amphitheater-style, restaurant-style, cabaret-style, round-table or dinner style, night-club style, or any other, you are free to do that depending on your event type and space available. 


Event Ticketing Features about Seating Chart


When you show your event seating layout to your ticket buyers, they can select their favorite seats and reserve them for the event. A chart designer may allow you to assign tier-based seats so that buyers can book their tickets according to their budget. Event ticketing programs like Ticketor support multiple price levels and seat variations, using which you may create different seat pricing for groups, couples, families, early birds, senior citizens, kids, adults, and last-minute bookers. The seating chart may also show which seats are already booked and which ones are empty. 


The ease of selecting seats and booking as per their choice gives your guests more control over their ticket reservations and enhances their overall booking experience.


2. Multiple Modes of Payment


Different customers may prefer different modes of payment. While carrying out face-to-face transactions, some guests may want to pay in cash or check, while others may want to use their credit or debit card. Some programs also accept payments through PayPal, Sofort, Bancontact, iDEAL, and Venmo. Customers may have an even better experience if your ticketing program supports payments in multiple currencies. Ticketor supports USD, AUD, GBP, EURO, and CAD, allowing customers from around the world to book their tickets in their local currency.


3. Responsive Design


With over 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, it becomes highly significant to ensure that your ticketing platform is primed for smartphone viewing. According to statistics, 77% of Americans have a smartphone and around 80% of them have purchased online from their mobile device over the last 6 months. Mobile users also use their devices to read reviews, compare prices, and find alternative stores in case of a bad experience. Therefore, choosing an event ticketing program with a responsive design makes great sense to enhance your guest experience.


While most customers want to book their tickets from their smartphone while on the go, responsive design will make the entire booking experience much easier and faster for them. Such software will save their time and streamline their booking procedure within seconds.


4. Fully-Integrated System Beyond Event Tickets


With a fully-integrated system, we mean an event ticketing program where buyers can buy not only the tickets but also other merchandise, gift cards, and other things the event organizer is selling. 


Event organizers may sell gift cards in custom amounts for several occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc., which the customers can use to get discounts or gift them to their loved ones to make purchases. If the event organizer sells merchandise like hats, T-shirts, or DVDs, the guests can purchase them at the event ticketing software while booking their tickets. If it is a charitable event, guests can also make donations on the same platform without going anywhere else.


5. Tickets in Multiple Forms


Apart from e-tickets and physical tickets, the event ticketing software you choose should also support ticket booking over the phone. With such a feature, the guests can book their tickets over the phone, pay for them through their credit card, and receive the tickets by email. They can keep their tickets saved on their phone or print them on paper to show at the event. Some event planners may also instruct the guests to collect their booked tickets at the venue, which is much faster than visiting the venue and booking the tickets there.


For recurring events, the guests do not need to buy separate tickets for each event. The event planners can use an event ticketing program to create packages or season tickets for recurring events, regular classes, or daily entries. Since all physical and e-tickets have a barcode and QR code, guests can quickly enter the venue with just a fast scan of their ticket. Once they enter, the Gate Control app allows them to exit for re-entry without any need for stamping.


These are a few event ticketing features that can help elevate your guest experiences. Ticketor is one such platform that is enriched with all these features. While planning an event, your ultimate goal is to make your guests happy. If your guests are satisfied, your clients will also come back to you for more business. Ticketor also allows guests to post their reviews and leave their feedback, based on which you can identify the areas where you need to improve and serve them better the next time.


Are you an event planner looking to boost your guest experiences with the right ticketing platform? Look none other than Ticketor. It is quick and easy to set up within minutes and gives you the capability to edit your event details at any time. Check out our Standard, Premium, and Business VIP plans and choose the one that can deliver the best experience to your guests.