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8 Benefits of using Ticketing System and Ticketor


8 Benefits of Using Event Ticketing Software


If you are an event management company looking for something that can smoothen your operations, event ticketing software would be the right choice for you. It is a simple tool to automate ticketing for your event, thereby accelerating and streamlining your operations and solidifying your reputation as a promising event planner. It not only makes ticket sales easier and faster for your staff but also enables your customers to book tickets smoothly.


With a responsive design and feature-rich interface, event ticketing software can offer numerous benefits for your upcoming events. The main question remains, “do you really need it?” If you are an event management company, ticketing software will give you value by saving your time and helping you manage your event flawlessly. Here, we will highlight some of the most significant benefits of integrating event ticketing software into your system.


1. Gives You Control Over the Admissions Process


This is one of the best reasons why you must consider integrating ticketing software into your system. It is a straightforward way to control the access of visitors to your event. It ensures that everyone entering the venue has a ticket whether in print or by phone. It helps you track the attendees to ensure safety at the event according to the plan.


1.	Gives You Control Over the Admissions Process


Having a ticketing program managing your event keeps it organized throughout the schedule. It acts as a central hub that can control different aspects of the event, provide directions, and makes everything available at the spot. Whether you are organizing a single event or a recurring one, you can distribute tickets, passes, or memberships to the attendees in a seamless manner.


2. Allows Real-Time Tracking


An event ticketing software serves as an ideal ticketing solution for venues, theaters, comedy clubs, and arenas of all sizes. No matter your event type and size, an event ticketing program allows you to monitor your profit, have it deposited directly to your account, and track your sales and bookings. As the event day approaches, you can monitor your sales and keep track of the sold-out tickets. Real-time downloadable reports allow you to track your guest lists and know where most of your sales come from. Accordingly, your marketing team can work to get new leads and identify what campaigns work the best.


3. Enables Ticket Sales Both Online and Offline


Technology is in a state of constant advancement, which means everything is moving towards an online approach. Whether consumers want to book tickets, shop for clothes, or watch media, they are taking the online route to make everything easier and faster. Therefore, selling tickets only at the venue gate slows down the entry process even if only a few guests are coming. When you allow attendees to book tickets online through ticketing software like Ticketor, you save them from arriving at the event early to secure tickets.


Selling tickets online is beneficial not only for the guests but also for you as an event planner. When your guests arrive at the event, they already have their tickets in their hands. As a result, they can enter the venue in a much smoother and faster manner.


4. Saves Expenses for the Event Planner


Providing printed tickets to the guests not only costs a lot but wastes paper also. By using ticketing software to provide e-tickets to your guests, you save a lot of money that you would have spent on paper, ink, and printers. Software programs like Ticketor are compatible with thermal ticket printers, or your guests can print them at home using their own printer. e-Ticketing also saves the guests from waiting for their tickets at the venue. All this facility ensures that your sales team has one less step to perform, thereby saving time and reducing cost.


Saves Expenses for the Event Planner


5. Accelerates Entrance at the Event


The faster you can manage guests’ entrance at the event, the more money you can save and the sooner your event can begin. When your guests can book and print their tickets at home and arrive at your venue with tickets in hand, the entire entrance process becomes much easier and faster than otherwise. With event ticketing software, there is no chance of a slowdown at the entrance gate.


6. Makes Processes Streamlined for Your Team


When you use a ticketing software tool like Ticketor, your team can manage the entire event and its operations in a more streamlined and automated manner. As a result, you need fewer hands to manage your ticketing solutions, thereby saving money required for distributing tickets at counters. Your staff members can focus more on other productive areas of the event, and you need fewer employees and counters to handle ticketing processes. Automated software for ticketing can take the load off your staff members, thereby saving their time to do something else.


7. Gives You a Global Reach


A ticketing software like Ticketor allows you to accept payments in multiple currencies and through different modes like credit cards, debit cards, and others. As a result, global customers can buy your event tickets without visiting your counter physically.


8. Helps You Provide a Personalized Experience to Your Customers


With the right event ticketing program, you can provide a customized experience to your guests. Send them guidance and information regarding the process and the event, provide them instructions, and give them details about their arrival after they purchase the tickets. Such a personalized experience makes your program look managed professionally and planned carefully.


Every event has limited funds and time. With the right event ticketing software, you can save yourself and your team members from manually doing all the hard work. You can save money and time by providing a streamlined and customized experience to your attendees.


Ticketor gives event planners different ways to customize ticketing for specific events. Sending personalized messages, creating coupon codes, interactive seating chart, scheduling recurring events, anything you want to do, you can do it with Ticketor.


Check out the features that can make your event an adequately organized program as you expect it to be. Contact us and let us work with you to create a specifically featured event according to your plans.