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10 Useful and Hassle-Free School Event Management Tips


10 Useful and Hassle-Free School Event Management Tips 


A school event helps showcase each student’s talent, whether through an international science fair or a musical concert. While most of the audience will be the students’ parents, the school would want to deliver the best event experience to build its reputation. This is when an event management and ticketing program comes in to improve event management


Managing a school event is daunting for both veterans and first-time organizers and often feels intimidating. While planning for a successful school event, here are a few valuable and hassle-free school event management tips and how an event ticketing platform helps.


  • Avoid Chaos at the Event


A well-managed event means reputation building and appreciation for the school. While parents would rejoice to watch their kids perform, there is no way to have them waiting in queues. Using event ticketing software to distribute and validate tickets will cut queues short and save the guests' excitement.


  • Sell Tickets in Multiple Ways


Selling event tickets online is an excellent way to offer a great experience to parents and other guests. The attendees will have their tickets in hand even before reaching the venue. This saves them from standing in queues to buy tickets or find seats. However, in every school, some parents are not technology-savvy, and they would prefer collecting tickets at the counter. Some may also want to book tickets on call or print them in hard copies. 


An event ticketing software like Ticketor supports all these methods of selling tickets to streamline the ticketing process for the school event management team. It accepts ticket payments via multiple card options, including MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. While selling tickets to international locations, it supports payments in multiple currencies, but the event planner receives money in their local currency.


  • Create Customized Event


Whether it is a graduation ceremony or an alumni meet, organizing a school event requires the strategic handling of multiple tasks. However, creating the event and selling online tickets does not need to be an aggravation for the event planners. 


The management team can create an event using a seating chart designer and sell tickets to avoid extra steps with an event management program. A recurring event scheduler duplicates the event plan and avoids repeated efforts. Consequently, if there are six events in a year, there is no need to plan each from scratch.


  • Reserve Tiered Seats


Watching children’s parents and grandparents running for the best seats looks pretty ugly. Once they reach the event, they must feel comfortable with their tickets in their hand. Tiered seats allow attendees to select their seats according to their preferences. There must be different seat tiers for parents, grandparents, students, teachers, and VIP guests.


  • Brand the Tickets


Branding the event tickets with the school logo and slogan helps make an impression and spread the word. Students would love to see their school logo on the e-tickets and print tickets. If they distribute the tickets to their relatives and friends, all come to know about the school and the event. Securing ticketing with a QR code and barcode avoids any duplication or fraudulent entries, thereby ensuring everyone’s safety at the event.


  • Validate Tickets at the Event


Offer some form of ticket validation at the event gate. Some ticketing programs print barcodes on the tickets, which staff members can scan using their smartphone or Bluetooth barcode scanner at the event gate. Ticket validation streamlines guests’ entry at the event and makes the entire process much easier and faster. If a guest wants to exit the venue for a few minutes and come back again, the ticketing software supports that too without any re-entry pass.


  • Send Emails and Track


Students and parents often sign to their school’s mailing list to stay updated about the latest events and news. Schools send emails and newsletters regularly to keep their recipients informed. However, once the emails are sent, it is also crucial to see who has viewed the emails and clicked on a link included in them. An event ticketing program like Ticketor allows school members to send emails to all the members or just to those who have purchased the event tickets. The program also has email templates, creating newsletters a breeze with the school branding and logo.


  • Track Ticket Sales


Whether the school is hosting a sports event or a fundraiser, they can easily track their ticket sales using an event ticketing program. It delivers detailed reports on the daily conversions and sold tickets. It helps track the source of traffic, based on which the planners can alter their sales or marketing strategy. The program enables tracking of the buyers' origins and where the sales originated from. Traceable links help create links with traceable keywords and track if the buyers landed the page after clicking those links. 


  • Use Social Media Integration


Make the school event popular on social media using the social media integration system of the ticketing software. From Facebook, people can share the event details with their followers and help spread the word. It allows adding a 'Tickets' tab to the social media page, where followers find information about the event and book their tickets. Facebook Ads pixel provides analysis and enhances social media marketing performance.


  • Give Discounts and Coupons


There might be some guests who may require special discounts on their event tickets. The school event planners may also want to generate special promo codes and coupons for specific students or parents. Some may want to accept donations at the time of ticket booking itself. An event ticketing program allows the creation of such discounts and coupons with ease. The program also enables limiting the number of usage, ticket prices, or the number of tickets purchased.


Successful school event planning consists of two crucial things: communication and preparation. A feature-rich event management program like Ticketor has both of them covered. It helps the school team plan all the scenarios and better prepare them to make better decisions. So, there are reasons to pull off the next school event and make it memorable using event ticketing software. Go on to create memories using Ticketor.